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Lead Climber Fall

Rock climbing is fun but there is an element of risk. In some situations if you are not careful, the chances of serious injury or death are very real. A safety oriented mindset is essential.

The right attitude includes not thinking that just by watching videos and reading articles you will become a safe and experienced climber. Experience comes with practice. Practice means making occasional mistakes and learning from them.

We believe qualified in-person training should be the main way of learning and progressing in rock climbing. A good mentor, guide or teacher will make learning as safe as it can be, by assessing your level and every situation.

Although this website can be very helpful, it is not meant to replace in-person teaching by a qualified professional, nor it is meant to replace reading and understanding the instructions and manuals of rock climbing equipment—which we strongly advise you to do. (Manufacturers recommendations occasionally change, and it is a good idea to stay updated by visiting their websites.)

This website is meant to inform and entertain. By using the website you acknowledge and agree that you will not hold VIDEORACLES or any of the participants responsible for an accident related to rock climbing. By using the website you accept its Terms of Use.

Be safe out there!

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